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20Ton/24H Maize/Corn Commerical Flour Mills Plant

Summary:20ton 24h maize corn commerical flour mills plantProduct introduction This machine is our newly developed corn proce


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Product Introduction

20ton/24h maize/corn commerical flour mills plant

Product introduction
Product Name 20Ton/24H Maize/Corn Commerical Flour Mills Plant
Power 105KW
Dimensions 10x5x5.5m

  This machine is our newly developed corn processing equipment based on African market demand and the local diet tradition, especially the demand in white maize flour milling. This machine can grind maize into powder efficiently.
This machine is quite popular in African countries. The local places also call posho as ugali, kimnyet, ubugali, bugali,nshima, chima, fufu, tuozafi, saab and so on.It consists of different functions together: maize cleaning, peeling&polishing,, flour milling and packing.
  Maize flour directly used in cooking. It is the ideal equipment for large quantity of maize processing enterprises and individual users for its multi-functions, compact structure, high efficiency and low energy consumption. 

Processing technology:
1. Cleaning section: The use of a sieve, a stone, a magnetic selection, and through the configuration of the wind system to clean up the food in the large miscellaneous, small miscellaneous
2. Peeling off Embryo section: Using two peeling, one polishing, one sieve, a selection
3. Grits section: The use of fine grits, brush powder, sieve and classification suspension technology
4. Milling section: Using multi-channel grinding, sieve process 
5. Metering and Packaging section: Sankang can reduce the amount of labor, measurement packaging can be used manual weighing or electronic packaging scale

Final product



Product Features

I. Technical specifications of this type of corn processing equipment
1, Product Type: corn grits, corn powder, corn skin.
2, power consumption: tons of corn power consumption of about 50-60 degrees;
3, finished product production rate: corn grits, ballast 45-55% around, corn flour 30-20% 
about, corn skin, embryo 25%, corn grits, corn powder total productivity 75-80%.
II. Quality Index of finished products
1, corn flour fineness: 40-150 mesh (weight can be adjusted arbitrarily).
2, sediment content: not greater than 0.002%
3, Magnetic metal content: not greater than 0.003g/kg
4, Moisture: storage type: Banks
5, Color smell: pink, smell, taste normal.
6, fat content: 1-2%
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