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100tons/24hour corn grits milling machine

Summary:Product DescriptionThe 100tons 24hour corn grits milling machine consisits of corn seeds cleaning, peeling, degerming


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Product Introduction
Product Description
The 100tons/24hour corn grits milling machine consisits of corn seeds cleaning, peeling, degerming, crushing, gentle milling, sifting and flour bagging. Using dry peeling and degerming technology, it can produce different sizes of corn gritd and flour simultaneously . Corn grits size can be customized as different customers' need in order to meet various of needs such as brewery, snack food, glucose, sugarhouse. 

Product Name: 100tons/24hour corn grits milling machine
Capacity: 100ton per day
about 260kw
Voltage: 380V
Raw material:
Final products:
Corn Grits,Corn flour and Corn bran

Final products


Processing section

1. Cleaning section: The use of a sieve, a stone, a magnetic selection, and through the configuration of the wind system to clean up the food in the large miscellaneous, small miscellaneous
2. Peeling off Embryo section: Using two peeling, one polishing, one sieve, a selection
3. Grits section: The use of fine grits, brush powder, sieve and classification suspension technology
4. Milling section: Using multi-channel grinding, sieve process 
5. Metering and Packaging section: This section can reduce the amount of labor, measurement packaging can be used manual weighing or electronic packaging scale
Product Features

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